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Currently we offer the following courses:Paint Your Own Bag

During this course we will decorate a bag with leather paint under the guidance of Nine. For this course you bring your own (faux) leather bag or you can buy one on the spot for a nice price. Its also possible to embellish items like gloves, wallets etc.

The course is held in an unique 17th century style room with a view over the private gardens, in the centre of Amsterdam.

To make it easy on yourself, we recommend a bag that does not have too many folds and a flat surface you can paint on. During the course itself, you are not supposed to look for inspiration on your phone. We will provide reference material (various books, magazines and other mediums). 

If you do want to recreate a design you saw online, print it out or bring a sketch. We will provide an apron but also recommend that you don’t wear your fliest outfit so it’s not ruined if you drop some paint on yourself ;-).

Make Your Own Ring

Join us for a fun and creative event where you create your ring! Get ready to unleash your inner artist and design a unique piece of jewellery that reflects your personal style. Our experienced instructor Lotte-Ninja will guide you through the process, teaching you techniques and sharing their expertise. 

This in-person event will take place in an unique 17th century style room in the city center of Amsterdam. 

So, grab your friends and come enjoy a day filled with creativity and laughter. No previous experience is required, just bring your enthusiasm and leave with a one-of-a-kind ring that you can proudly wear or gift to someone special. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to create something beautiful and bring the end result of your Offline time home! 

Our courses will be in Dutch if all participants are Dutch speaking. Otherwise it will be held in English. For all our courses terms and conditions apply. Click here to read more

Note: We advice participants from 16 years and upwards for our current selection of courses.